Completely Discreet Wireless Surveillance Kit

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This unique Bluetooth solution is ideal for the most covert situations where moving freely without drawing attention is a must. With the tiny receiver totally hidden in the ear and the communications loop under a shirt or jacket, you can listen to your radio in complete privacy – no one can see any equipment. Hide the microphone under a lapel or similar material to communicate securely. This wireless solution now gives you the flexibility to conceal the radio off your body in a backpack, purse, briefcase or even on another officer.

Kit includes: Wireless Neckloop Y-adapter and retention hook (NNTN8385), Completely Discreet Earpiece Kit (RLN4922), Mission Critical Wireless Push-to-Talk pod (NTN2571). Optional item not included: Neckloop Retention Clip (NNTN8457A).

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