AC/DC ACB Call Box – Indoor/Outdoor Door-Less

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The AC/DC-poweredACB Call Box, which provides quick, push-to-talk communication, is one of the most popular units. This Call Box is ideal for everything from making reservations at a resort and renting a car at a terminal to hailing a cab or announcing a delivery at an entry door. This door-less unit will complement your organization’s customer service efforts. Also ideal as an entry system, two-way communication can be used to summon guards, announce deliveries or request a lock release. This compact unit can easily be mounted to a wall or bracketed to an existing pole. Locating these units throughout a facility can save on precious time and manpower.

The indoor/outdoor wall mount aluminum enclosure has a white powder-coating and is .090 inches thick. It measures 20″H x 14″W x 7.5″D and features a thick, clear Lexan faceplate cover. It includes an activation ringer, antenna and set of small reflective decals.

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